Transplant Facts

4,336 People saved in BC through organ transplants

638 British Columbians were waiting for an organ transplant as of June 2016.

1,037,807 British Columbians are registered Organ Donors as of June 2016.

Survival rates of transplant patients continue to improve, providing recipients with an extended and high quality of life.

However, many of those waiting for a solid organ transplant die while waiting for a suitable transplant.

All pediatric Liver and Bowel Transplants are currently performed in Alberta or Ontario.

Jenna - Heart Transplant_

Jenna – Heart Transplant


The Children’s Organ Transplant Society (COTS) is a registered charity started to support BC families who have children who are waiting for an organ transplant or who have had an organ transplant. All the families who are part of COTS have gone or will go through this life transforming experience, understand firsthand that families need more than medical support. They need a community of people who have shared similar experiences.

COTS is a community, a support network, a place to share and to learn. And although every transplant experience is unique, what is known is that when a child has had an organ transplant, it changes the lives of everyone in the family.

Our Vision

“Improving the lives of children requiring organ transplants, and giving them hope for a brighter future.”


The material provided on the Society’s website is intended for informational purposes only. The Society is not engaged in rendering medical service or advice and the information provided not intended to be considered or relied upon as medical advice or a substitute for medical advice, a medical diagnosis or treatment from a physician or qualified healthcare professional.

Any opinions or experiences described within the website should not be considered as the expected course. Each individual who receives an organ transplant has their own unique experience with a broad range of possible health outcomes.

If you or your child has a medical problem, please contact a qualified health professional.

The Society is not responsible or liable for any error in or omission of information or from the use of any information contained within this website.


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