Matt’s Mom’s Tribute Poem

All my children are gifts,
But you are the one,
Who has taught me more about life,
Than any other.

You have fought for your life from your first day,
You are my hero, my friend and my son.

I remember the surgeries, IV’s and infections,
But most of all I remember your smiles and spirit,
I know it was hard to keep fighting for your life,
Some days in the past,
And now I feel sad that I wondered if it was all for the best.

Even though most medical staff had given up hope,
You have taught them more lessons about fighting for life than most,
You are a “miracle” they now say,
And quietly thank us for showing them the way.

Every time we see a doctor,
And your little hand holds mine so tight,
I see the look in your eyes “Is this OK mom”,
Will you protect my life?

Each day that you suffer with small and big bumps,
My heart sinks and stops, will you be OK?
I try not to remember the fear and sadness from the past,
But try to live for today, to my very best.

You have given me purpose to live each day,
One small step at a time,
And to appreciate life in many new ways.

You have taught me to love, laugh and cry,
And taught me forgiveness, kindness and how to be tough.

You see beauty in flowers, trees and bright lights.
You love long walks, sports and trips to the park.

I thank you again, my dear little son,
For showing me where my true journey
and purpose in life has begun.

Love always,