What We Do

“It was so helpful to see with our own eyes the amazing children that have survived and thrived after receiving an organ transplant. Most importantly, we could see that these wonderful families had a sense of normalcy in their lives and that gave us hope for the future.”
COTS parent

Children’s Organ Transplant Society offers:

Support Services

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We provide educational support and information for our COTS families through family events, sibling day, our website and newsletter.

Financial Support

We strive to provide last resort financial support for medical needs. There are often unexpected medical expenses for families. COTS also does its best to guide families to other organizations that may provide financial support.

At this time, we are able to send between 8-13 heart, liver or bowel transplant children each year to camp. BC Children’s Hospital’s medical staff attends each year to ensure a safe and fun experience for the children. It is very costly to send a child to a specialized medical camp. To assist us in sending these brave children and youth to camp please click here now.


We promote greater awareness regarding organ donation and general transplant knowledge. In addition, we educate the general public about the lifelong journey all children who have had organ transplant surgery face and the impact that has on their families.


COTS works closely with BC Children’s Hospital, pharmaceutical companies, and other relevant charities and organizations that work to support families going through the transplant journey.

COTS continues to look for new ways to advocate for families to ensure that systems are in place to provide the best support for families as they go through the life-long transplant journey.

Peer, Teen and Sibling Support

Peer Support

Through COTS you can be connected with a family that understands your experience because they have had the same experience. Having the opportunity to talk to someone who really ‘gets it’ and can relate to your concerns, joys, triumphs and frustrations helps you know you are not alone.

Throughout the year, COTS hosts social events for families to connect with each other. To find out about other social events for families go to Events.

Each year, COTS sends children to a specialized a camp for transplant children and youth. It offers a wonderful opportunity for children who might not otherwise be able go to camp. Click here, if you would like to support a child to go to Camp Latona.

Teen Support

Being a teen who has had a organ transplant can have its own unique challenges.

Dating, friendships, sexuality, health, physical and emotional development all take centre stage in the life of a teenager. Sometimes, in an effort to express greater independence, teens may make choices or adopt attitudes that may be challenging for parents. This is something that many parents of teens experience but for a young person who has had a organ transplant, some of the normal explorations of adolescence may have serious health consequences for their physical health. Teens may also experience some emotional distress as they think about their future and what that may mean because they’ve had an organ transplant.

For more information about how to support teens go to Ability Online and Starbright World.

Sibling Support

COTS held its 1st Sibling Day Support Conference in September 2012. This conference was for siblings and parents of children who have had organ transplants and was coordinated with BC Children’s Hospital Multi-Organ Transplant Team and Maru Barrera Psychologist from Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.

Check out our “It’s All About Me”
SIBLING Day CONFERENCE Presentation by Dr Maru Barrera
(3.3 MB PPT download)

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