Challaine’s Story

Challaine was diagnosed prenatally that she had no functioning kidneys. She was born 3 weeks early and immediately started peritoneal dialysis which only worked until she was 20 months old. She was then immediately switched to 6 months of hemodialysis. Numerous medical situations arose from her kidneys not functioning. Altogether Challaine has spent close to…

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Life after an organ transplant

  Thanks to medical advancements in organ transplants, many children who suffer from organ failure go on to enjoy a significantly improved quality of life. But they, and their families, face countless challenges before making a full recovery. One of the top priorities after an organ transplant is preventing organ ‘rejection’. Rejection can be a…

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The Holiday countdown

The countdown to the holidays has begun. The excitement of the Winter break just around the corner, and the warm feelings/memories that Christmas brings for Children and Adults alike. If you’ve been following along with our blog posts the past few weeks, thank you for your continued support; if this is your first time stopping…

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Your Donation – How we help

Children’s Organ Transplant society was founded in April 2001 by Debbie Bielech. Debbie formed the charity after one year of donating the left lobe of her liver to save her son’s life. During this time, she experienced many challenges that all families go through when they are given the news that their child needs a…

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Meet Our 2018 Ambassador!

Today we introduce to you our 2018 Ambassador, Diego (aka Spiderman, aka Jack Sparrow’s favorite assistant, aka big brother, aka beloved son)! A message from Diego’s family: Diego Ibanez was born November 22, 2007, 7 weeks premature. He went directly to NICU as he was small and very jaundice. He was diagnosed with a rare…

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Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to our new blog! We are very excited to share with you lots of interesting content. You’ll find stories from transplant recipients and their families. You’ll learn about our events, and we’ll bring you great information from transplant experts, including social workers, doctors, and psychologists. If you have some ideas for future posts, or…

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