X-Men – Mission Control Centre

Logyn Booth

Logyn giving a thumbs up!

Professor Charles Xavier stands in front of his students and begins his long-awaited speech.  “Ladies and gentlemen, I have one last mission – it’s the gift of life.  On July 8th, 2018, I will be donating my kidney to a young boy named Logyn Booth, who has been suffering from Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), since October 2012.”

Wolverine, whose name is also Logan and one of Professor X’s students, speaks up. “Can you give us any background information on this and why you have chosen to leave us?”

With a somber voice, Charles says, “Back in October of 2012, two-year-old Logyn was playing at a water park and enjoying life as he always did.  However, for some reason, things went completely wrong with his kidneys and his body began taking on fluid.  He looked swelled and his own family doctor did not know what to do.  Therefore, he was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctors had first diagnosed him with nephrotic syndrome and then realized after rechecking his tests that he had FSGS.  He and his family were faced with kidney disease and that one-day Logyn would have to have a kidney transplant.”

Cyclops, one of Professor X’s beloved student’s shakes his head in disbelief and says, “It must have been terrifying and heartbreaking for the whole family.”

“It certainly was,” Charles declares to his X-Men students. “Logyn has spent close to three years in the hospital over a six-year period.  During this time he’s had nine surgeries.  Of these surgeries, he’s had his two kidneys removed and has had to be on hemodialysis for eighteen months four days a week at BCCH.  However, during this time, Logyn has proven to be a warrior and has never once given up.  He’s a real X-Man and deserves to have my superpowers.”


On July 8th, 2018, after close to four hours of surgery, Charles Xavier’s kidney began to function very well inside Logyn Booth and was amazingly producing urine within ten minutes post-transplant, thus beginning his second chance at life. Logyn, his mother, Kirstin, and family, had been on pins and needles, leading up to this big day.

Now in the ICU, Kirstin, holding back tears, looks deeply into her young son’s eyes and says to Logyn, who has just awoken for the first time, “Does your kidney have a name?”

Logyn peers over at his mother with a strange look in his eyes and says, “Of course, it’s CHARLES!” He then goes back to sleep to rest and heal.

Upon waking up again after some time, Kirstin, asks another question, “What do you think about your new kidney?”

With his electric smile, Logyn says, “You mean CHARLES!  He has superpowers, and so do I now!”

Logyn Booth

Logyn and his mom

Eight and a half months later and sitting comfortably on her living room sofa, Logyn’s mother, Kirstin begins to reminisce as she watches Logyn playing video games with his older brother and sister. “We now have so many happy healthy days that I feel I have to pinch myself.  Logyn is my kidney warrior and CHARLES has given us the ability to have hope and enjoy life again.”

“I truly want to thank the Children’s Organ Transplant Society (COTS) and the generosities from their financial donors who have made this life-altering challenge a blessing.  Debbie and her amazing group at COTS are absolutely awesome and many times I have thanked God for bringing them into our lives.  Finally, we are forever grateful to our donor family for making the loving decision to donate their loved one’s organs.”

Over the last eight and a half months, Charles’ superpowers within Logyn have absolutely flourished; Logyn has grown seven centimeters, has gained fifteen pounds, his shoe size went up by three sizes (which hadn’t changed in two years), he is full of laughter and is always singing and dancing! Logyn and CHARLES have been living life and doing all the things Logyn was too weak or sick to do before.  Logyn was able to go into grade 3 and attend school fulltime for the first time in his life.


Charles Xavier is the fictional leader of the X-Men Super Heroes and did not actually give up his kidney for Logyn’s transplant.  It was a generous deceased donor who gave the gift of life to Logyn Booth.

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