April was seven months old when she had her liver transplant and she is now fifteen years old. Her mother Sun was a living donor to April and says that she feels even more connected to her daughter now. Prior to the transplant process, Sun had never had surgery. She was always healthy, but after going through the transplant process she feels more tired than she used to. However, she remarked that it was all worth it. Before having the transplant she mentioned not experiencing many pressing emotions as she was so focused on helping her daughter— knowing that she would do anything in her power to save April. Her only priority was, and always will be, April. Nowadays, April does blood work every two months and sees a doctor every six months. Overall, she is healthy as can be!

Images by Paille Photography.

What advice does Sun give to other parents?

Sun wants to give other families strength by reassuring them that although this will be the hardest time of their life, they will get through it and everything will be beautiful and fine. The time prior to the transplant when April was most sick, was the hardest time. Right after the transplant, things were still difficult, but she got through it by being positive. Sun believes that if mom’s are positive, the baby will know and will be able to feed off of that good energy. A big message that Sun would like to get across is that people need to understand that this is not an easy process, but to trust the doctors and know that they can rely on them. Sun said that from her experience, some of her friends believe that doctors in other parts of the world (like Korea) are better, but she wants to remind everyone that Canada has truly remarkable doctors. She also wants others to know that based on her studies on nutrition, she knows that health is very important and that organic foods and supplements can be beneficial. Sun trusts in these natural remedies and feels that they have contributed to April’s strength and health. Sun is happy to share more of her knowledge on this topic with anyone who is interested.

What does Sun think of COTS?

Sun said that she tears up when she thinks of Debbie because she is so grateful for her and all that she has done to support her and April. April has attended camp and shared with her mom that it was comforting getting to meet people who are in similar situations to her and she feels very safe whenever she is at camp. She is now more confident and believes in her unique abilities.

What is April like and what does she enjoy doing?

April is very energetic and friendly. She began taekwondo in grade one and has her second degree black belt – so amazing! She even won a medal while competing in Washington. April and Sun love cooking and baking together and April is always so helpful. Sun absolutely adores April and truly cherishes the quality time that they get to spend together.

How to describe April?  

Very cute and loving!

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